GP2000 300x300

GP2000 can be used for sealing of Greenpack Safe, Slide, Clamshell and Original, as well as för general heat sealing of:

  • Blister + blister varnished carton
  • Blister + Tyvek
  • Blister + aluminium foil
  • Carton blisters
  • Clamshell blisters

Especially recommended for:

  • All sorts of blistepack with medium size volumes and series.


  • Machine operated from two sides
  • Operators use press/sealing station interchangeably
  • Equipped with lockable wheels
  • Machine is easy to moce
  • Heat timer for maximized availability
  • Counter function

Technical data

Maximum sealable surface: 370 x 500 mm
Maximum blister height: 100 mm
Table surface: 1200 x 1300 mm
Compressed air requirements: 6 bar, clean and dry
Electricity: 220V / 10A
Weight: app 110 kg  
Working height, adjustable 800-1200 mm
Press / sealing time: 1-9 s (normally 3-5 s)
Sealing temperature: 0-200 °C