This is Blisterpack!

Blisterpack is basically thermoforming of plastic film. This method makes it possible – at reasonable costs – to achieve astonishing results, both in consumer packs for retail exposure and more technical solutions for industrial handling. We offer a variety of plastic materials, but PET is the most frequently used material in our product range today. PET is suitable for recycling and is thereby an environmentally friendly choice.

Future is already here! Many of our packaging solutions in GREENPACK system are prepared to replace PET with Bio-plastics the day our customers want to take that step with us.

Tepro also offers machine systems for handling and sealing. When designing a complete solution, our customers can be reassured to get a good overall economy.

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Consumer packaging

Packaging that consumers will meet in stores protects and display the product. The applications are almost unlimited. We supply packaging for everything from nails and screws, tools, sporting items, cosmetics, locks and security devices, electronics etc.

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Industrial Packaging

In many industrial flows there is a need to handle components in a rational way. Thermoformed trays offer excellent opportunities for effective solutions for both automatic and manual applications. Material is chosen based on the requirements for each application regarding strength, functionality and ESD security.

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Cardboard Inserts

Thermo formed inserts for cardboard boxes and cases enables efficient and secure product fixation. Compared to inserts in corrugated paper or cardboard, thermo formed inserts saves time during packaging and cardboard fibres that can contaminate can be avoided. Inserts in styrofoam or plastic foam are very bulky during transportation and storage, which means thermoformed inserts are superior also in this case.

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Special Packaging

Blisterpack covers many needs for secure and efficient packaing within many product areas. Biotech and medtech are examples of areas where we delvier special packaging solutions.